Beekeeping: A Profitable Business

Controlled raising of honeybees in order to collect honey is what beekeeping means according to some beekeeping information online. On the other hand, some websites containing beekeeping information tell us that beekeeping is concerned with the maintenance and practical management of bees in their colonies.

Beekeeping existed many years ago and it is not just a hobby to some people. Beekeeping is at the same time a very good business venture. However, for a person to succeed in beekeeping business, he or she needs to get acquainted with bees. A great deal of knowledge and background about bees is required in order to succeed.

Using the right equipment and beekeeping supplies is needed when starting beekeeping. Beekeepers, especially beginners, are advised to buy packaged bees as a start. Moreover, collecting by swarms and buying an already reputable colony of bees is also good when you start beekeeping. Normally, bees attack and sting once they are disturbed and when they need to guard themselves and their hives. Beekeepers should use protective clothing such as hooded suits, hats and veils, and gloves to protect themselves from bee stings. This is the next line of defense for most beekeepers aside from the knowledge about bees. In addition to protective gears for beekeepers, equipments for collecting honey are also necessary. Beekeepers also need to have a bee smoker to control and calm the agitated bees when they are working with the bee colony. A smoker is a tool that produces smoke. It uses various fuels like rotten wood and coconut fibers to make a smoke and restrain bees. The smoke diverts the bees’ attention and confuses the bees. Bee smokers also mask the pheromones that guard bees release to other bees in the colony when there is a presence of an intruder.

A colony can contain thousands of honeybees. All honeybees work jointly to collect food and build nests while some of them rear the young. Beekeepers also have the same instincts as the honeybees; they build hives and raise honeybees. Likewise, beekeepers collect honey that they can be sold for profit. Collecting honey from the hive is not always easy. Honeys should not be stored for long in the hives. Prolonging of collecting honeys will make the honey darker in color. Leaving the honeys in the hive for quite some time will most likely result to more honey but less room for storage. Although the color of honeys does not alter the taste, most people prefer a much lighter color of honey. Furthermore, beekeepers need to remember that harvesting honey too early is not wise. The honey harvested early can sometimes hold water and it will just spoil or ferment the honey and be put to waste. When collecting honey, beekeepers should observe the bees. They are best indicators that honeys are ready to harvest and collect. The perfect sign for harvesting honey is when wax caps are over the honey cells. Beekeepers most likely collect honey in the morning or during sunny days.

Beekeeping is quite complicated but nevertheless, it is very rewarding to beekeepers and to the environment itself. Bees help to balance the distribution of common insects in an area. Without bees, more aggressive insects such as hornets and wasps will dominate. However, before anyone can start beekeeping, he or she needs to ask permission to the local government. If the government permits beekeeping in your area then it is time to start beekeeping. For more help in raising bees, beekeeping information is always available online.