How to Start Bee Farming

Bee farming is an activity that requires attention and a warm welcoming heart. Bees are like your typical pets that also needs their share of affection. In return, bee farming was studied to be stress relieving and relaxing to the apiarists. To start off with your bee farm, there are things that you must do. This article will guide you with that. Sit back and relax, as we embark on a frontier to your own beekeeping adventure.

As you start making your own beekeeping farm, one of the initial steps to take is call your local Cooperative Extension office. This office will decide if your vicinity is allowed or restricted to have as an apiary. Contacts will also be provided for you to help you on your voyage to being a real beekeeper.

The next step is to choose a good spot for your beehive. Then, after choosing a suitable spot for beekeeping, you have to secure the right equipment to maintain your bee farm. Plus, you also have to secure the protective gear to protect yourself from pending attacks that you may encounter as you set our goal.

Once all the prerequisites are ready and your hives are in place, it is now time to order the bees. An experienced apiarist is a good source of honeybees. The most common time to ship the ordered bees is in March and April. It is always better to have the bees delivered to your hives so you can also ask for some tips and advice from the one who will be supplying you with bees.

As you receive the bees, they will be packaged in a special container. This storage will be a wooden framed housing system equipped with a screen covering the outside. This packaging allows air to circulate around to the traveling bees thus avoiding handlers such as the delivery guy, or you yourself from getting stung. It cannot that as you receive your bees, there will be a few dead bees laying at the bottom most part of the storage. It is such a hardship for the bees as they travel long distances. The majority of bees remaining will rather be flying around, or is attached to the sides of the package.

There is a separated individual bee from your groups of bees. That is your queen basically. Some packages may exclude the queen bee from the package and put it in a safer place for it is the most important character in the bee colony.
If it is a complete package, the set will also include a bottle of sugar syrup which is the main food component of the bees. You will also need a smoker for your colony. The smoker is used for calming down the bees as you try to inspect the colony form the inside. Remember that as you start your beekeeping activities for the day, you must wear all the protective gear and equip the rearing and caring attitude that the bees need for them to elevate their ability to produce honey, and beeswax; the end product of bee farming.